White Mountain Regional Chambers of Commerce

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The White Mountain Regional Chambers Gift Certificate Program

The Ultimate Shop Local Promotion!


The White Mountain Regional Chambers include Pinetop-Lakeside, Snowflake-Taylor, Heber-Overgaard, St. Johns-Concho, and Springerville-Eagar to provide a new benefit for you, the Gift Certificate Program.


  • Gift Certificates can be purchased at any White Mountain Chamber of Commerce ALL YEAR LONG.


  • They can be purchased in a choice of denominations. $10, $20 and $25 (larger orders can be specially printed).


  • There are no extra fees – you pay only the amount of the gift certificate.


  • Chamber Gift Certificates can be used just like a check or cash at any White Mountain Chamber Member merchant.


  • The recipient of the gift certificate may choose from approximately 1200 Chamber Member merchants in the White Mountain region to redeem their certificate. Recipients can look up Chamber Member merchants by visiting our website – www.whitemountainregionalchambers.com.


  • All member merchants of each Chamber will be furnished with window and register decals announcing ‘This business Participants in the White Mountain Regional Chamber Gift Certificate Program’.


  • Great for holiday gifts, raffle prizes, employee awards, bonuses, club gift exchanges, and more.



                                           IT IS SO EASY FOR MEMBER MERCHANTS TO PARTICIPATE:


  • The Customer presents the certificate made out to the merchant (Pay to the Order)


  • The Member Merchant checks the expiration date on the certificate


  • Certificate processes through the business as cash or check (that is up to the business) just like a gift card would be used against the balance of the purchase


  • The certificates have a routing number so they are no different from any other check


  • Deposit with your regular deposits LIKE A CHECK.


  • Gift Certificates cannot be redeemed for cash by the recipient or the Member Merchant.  They must be deposited in a commercial bank account for redemption.







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We are pleased to announce National Bank of Arizona as our sponsor for the program.